Thursday, November 10, 2011


I have really enjoyed watching Vocalpoint and the other groups in the Sing-Off on television this fall. Some of the groups have done an amazing job with theatrics, vocal effects and amazing harmonies. But Vocalpoint is still one of the lead groups with a consistent quality that the judges have recognized each show.

I enjoyed this little Mormon Message, hearing the boys share some of their thoughts about the show and the sacrifices that have been necessary to be on national television every week with one (or two) flawless songs. I am a singer, but I am not the caliber of singer that can sing such tight harmonies with no instrumental accompaniment all while moving, dancing changing key and rhythm.

Wow! Blow my socks off!

But what touched my heart was the message that the boys were trying to share: One can lead a faith-led life no matter where that life may lead you.

Wasn't it perfect that they ended with the lyrics "Christ the babe was born for you. Christ the babe was born for you."

Thanks for sharing your testimony, gentlemen and sharing happy, truthful music."

You've done an amazing, outstanding job. Bravo Vocalpoint!

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