Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Looking at the Glass Half Full

Okay, so the month of September has really whipped my heiny. 

I spent twelve of the first sixteen days in the hospital with my son. What started as (what we thought was) a sprained knee or maybe a little fracture, ended up being so...much...more. Then as life started back to normal, the stomach flu hit our house and worked it way through each member of the family.

So, apologies for dropping off the face of the planet, so to speak.

But I'm back and I hope to keep my blogging day job.

I just wanted to share a thought from my experiences the past month. When life was at it's craziest, this month, and I had to "give up" writing for a few weeks, my writing didn't go on a permanent vacation. I had just gotten my manuscript whipped into shape and sent it off to a gatekeeper in the publishing world. So, I didn't have the immediate pressure of getting something in by a deadline. It really was perfect timing, because I wasn't stressed out or worried (about writing anyway). I could just focus my brain and heart on my son, and what he needed to get healthy again. When we came home from Children's Hospital ( the first time), I remembered a deadline a week away for submitting pages for an upcoming writing conference. I spent my spare time rearranging some chapters and had the materials ready to send off when I discovered a rash spreading all over my son's arm and chest.

It seemed he was allergic to clindamycin, the antibiotic I was giving my son intravenously every 8 hours.

We went back to the hospital for another four days. Le sigh!

However, on my quick trip home for my cell charger, I remembered the freshly printed out papers needing to be mailed. Within ten minutes they were in the hands of our friendly neighborhood postmistress. Yay!

The past week has been crazy and full of stress but I've still been able to find opportunities to write. My crit partner is awesome and had some stuff critiqued and ready for my perusal when we first came out of the hospital the first time. I didn't work on it right away, but the comments sat and stewed and I found myself jotting down ideas on improvements. I spent much of last night typing the changes into my manuscript.

Now, I'm not saying that tough times are easily overcome. I'm not. I know the only way my family was able to get through this month was with the help of friends and prayers from many throughout the country. I felt comforted and had peace that all would work out for my son's health. I knew that wonderful people were watching over my children who needed rides to school and day time care and an evening meal. A combination of helping hands and the blessings of heaven got us through this thing. And I am so very grateful.

I know I need God and I need friends no matter what storms sweep through my life. 

So, whatever you may be going through or the tough times you may face, keep your notebook at hand, a prayer in your heart and your hands open to receive the blessings that will come.

Cheers, Amelia

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