Tuesday, March 27, 2012

An Apostle's Easter Thoughts on Christ

I remember hearing this address before. But today, just a dozen days before Easter and this year, after two very long and difficult years, this message about suffering alone means so much more to me. Though there have been some dark and difficult times in my life, there has never been complete abandonment. I have always had someone, even if they were a thousand miles away. I knew I was loved and cared for and prayed for even if no arms encircled me at that moment. But even if there hadn't been a single person on earth, there has almost always been the comforting Spirit, that gives me a measure of peace and a feeling of being loved, even when I felt the most unsteady or at my most unlovable.

There is a God, a Father who cares for us. There is a Savior, an eternal "older brother" who was sent to show us love. Throughout his life he was an example, and in his suffering and death, he gave us a way to follow and paid the ransom for when we stumble and fail to live up to our potential.

For that, I am forever grateful.

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