Sunday, March 4, 2012

Somewhere Over the Rainbow/Simple Gifts (Piano/Cello Cover) - The Piano ...

This is my new favorite musical group! They are not a band, but a Piano/Cello combo of Jon Schmidt and Stephen Sharp Nelson, called The Piano Guys.

This is a beautiful new arrangement of Over the Rainbow (similar to the ukelele version) and Tis a Gift to be Simple... all in Island Style. So beautiful!!!

They did a lovely one for Valentines Day of You Are Amazing. They offered a free download and now I listen to it in a loop as I write. It is so beautiful and lush and yet, not intrusive. And it makes me feel wonderful.

I also loved their recent version of One Republic's "Secrets" set with Beethoven's Fifth Symphony. Simply Beautiful.

Everything they do is beautiful both visually and musically.

Love, Love, Love them!

And P.S. I showed Mark one of their videos soon after I discovered them, and he kept staring at the pianist. By the end of the song, he figured out how he knew him...they served in the Norway Oslo mission at the same time. They never served together, but Mark recognized his distinctive red hair and the way he bobs his head as he plays. Mark said he was amazing twenty five years ago. And now, look how he uses his talents! Sigh and drool. :)

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