Friday, April 20, 2012

Happy Together

This is a fairly new video from The Piano Guys that just tickles my funny bone. Steve, the cellist takes his cello with him EVERYWHERE... from the buffet restaurant to the carnival to late nights in the coffee bar to bicycling. 

It got me thinking about Date Night.
And Writing.
(Of Course.)

I dunno about all you married folk out there, but sometimes it gets easy to fall into the 
"What Redbox flick should I pick up this weekend" 
kind of Rut.


Yep, I've been there. 
As in, that's what I said to my husband last night.
"Tomorrow's Friday. What movie do you want me to get at Redbox."

Augh! It was a Given!
How far I've fallen.

I thought about my current Amazing Novel in Progress (ahem) and the romance that I've built there. It has been important to me that its not all wine and roses. I made sure there were quiet evenings together. I have the hero give his sweetie a foot massage after a long day of work. Heavenly. But I also make sure there are the moments when he Sweeps Her Off Her Feet with kisses and smoldering looks too. 
And there is adventure. And swords. And funnies. And danger.
All to keep the public entertained and wondering, "What's gonna happen next?!?"

Except...I know what's gonna happen next in my own love story...(Yawn).
Five kids 
(Five boys that steal your breath and your energy out of you) 
And almost fourteen years together.
I guess I know all my honey's moves.

Except last night, instead of picking a) Action or b) Romance, he said something unexpected.
"Can we do something else?"

"Why yes, Sweetie! We can!"

So, I'm gathering CDs and vacuuming the living room floor (and picking up all the Hotwheels and Thomas trains) so we can have a night of 

Okay, for some of you, that sounds like torture or for others an impossible dream. 
But Mark and I met (practically) on the dance floor. 
We do a fabulous Cha-cha, a pretty smooth Waltz and a fun (if not exact) Swing.
And it's been about six months since we danced.

Ack! Talk about becoming complacent and losing the passion!

Okay, so we're gonna move the living room furniture and DANCE tonight!

What are you gonna do that's fun and gets you out of your rut...
whether it's date night, writing, your dream project that's sitting on the shelf or that new recipe on Pinterest that's caught your eye.

Live it up, shake it up, make it happen.
Have some Fun!

And get outta that rut!

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