Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Better Blogging... Smarter Blogging... More Cool Stuff

Have you ever said a word so often that it begins to sound strange in your ears? Or taken a second glance at something that you've seen dozens of times a day, and yet suddenly it is a new experience?

I have been pondering my place as a writer in this world the past several weeks.
What is my goal? Where do I go from here?
Writing great adventure/romance (and the goal of eventual publication) continues to be my joy.
I love my stories.
I love the thrill of taking what's in my head and writing (and rewriting) so someone else can imagine my characters and their journeys through  quests, challenges,and romance.

I tried to zoom through NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) with my newest story...and then was side tracked by familial obligations. True, I had quite a few out-of-town family come visit and I needed to dedicate some intensive time to my children, lately. The zooming happened in a week and half and the rest of the month was a bit of a put-put-puttering. 
(Almost 15k words...not 50k, but still some good stuff and more than nothing!)

I also received a particularly upsetting rejection this month. No hurtful words were given or received. However, I was hoping for a particular opportunity...and it never happened. 

I also broke the biggest rule I had given myself about this blog.
Keep it positive!

I know we can't always write about fluffy bunnies nibbling clover. (Little bit boring.) However, I knew I didn't want this page to become a snark page or a pity party. And I threw a pity party for myself last week. Online. On my blog. How utterly embarrassing and ... can I go crawl under a rock, now?

I did receive wonderful support both in comments, on the phone and in person, but I started wondering about the best place for this blog in my personal life, in my writing life and in my future.

I did read some wonderful information about "Slow Blogging", a movement based on a 2006 'Manifesto' written by Canadian software designer Todd Sieling and in turn based on Alice Walker's "Slow Food" movement. The idea is quality blogs (that people actually want to read) versus quantity (brain vomit that nobody is interested in reading). And these on a regular basis, MWF, TTh, once a week, once a month. 

This sounds like something I can really get behind. And...I seem to be doing this anyway. Ha Ha!

I also read some great information (mostly on blogs) about shaping one's author brand. So I want to make sure that my posts here reflect more of:

My love for Adventure, Romance, SWORDS!

Other stuff that gets me thrilled: political intrigue 
'The Borgias' via Showtime
(many centuries ago...don't mention 2012 presidential politics within my hearing or reading, please!)

Music...that inspires my stories or just plain inspiring.
Fencing and other swordplay, rock climbing, swimming, hand-to-hand combat, survival skills and other skills that I learn/study to help me inhabit my characters and their world.

Cool photos of places, costumes, etc. that inspire my writing, my stories.

So more of THAT fun stuff and less of me whining. 

I won't promise to NEVER whine, ever, because sometimes, hard times are the best teacher, the best motivator, the best cesspool of experience to draw from when we are crafting a story. So a bit of whining, but all in context with story.

So this is my own manifesto: Cool stuff, less whining, blogs at least once a week, on topic and with content.

I hope you enjoy!

What do you think? Less is more?

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