Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I Need a Hero

I discovered a new song on my Christian music CD that I absolutely had to share. It is a little more heavy metal than I usually (ever) go for. But it has a desperate edge to it that really speaks to me. Of course, since it's Christian the hero that the song talks about is Jesus Christ. But the singer keeps saying, "I'm not a super-hero" and "I need a hero...to save me now."

Soooo many times I have felt the weight of my children's needs, my church responsibilities, my husband's expectations and all the demands of the world weighing on me. And as the mountainous burden grows, I begin to cry out, "I can't do it."

Maybe I can do some, but definitely not all.

 I am only one person. And I fail so very easily.

I need a hero to save my life.

So, I hear the desperation in the singer's ragged voice and hear the echo of my own cries. "Oh, Jesus! Save me who am in the gall of bitterness...oh wretched (wo)man that I am!"

Isn't it wonderful that he loves us enough to make up for our failings, our weakness, our mistakes and our oversights. I know I am.

I need a hero. I need my Savior.

So, with that said, I'll share this youtube video with you. It has the song (Hero by the group, Skillet) with footage from several Star Wars movies paying homage to Obi Wan Kenobi.

[Oh, if I could only figure out how to get that video to be right here. I thought I knew how to do it, but it's not working! Augh! *frustrated growl* Okay, copy/paste the link here. http://youtu.be/GJ4XMzBjc7o ]

Now I like Obi Wan, but what I really love is all the sword (ahem) light-saber fights in them.

Because, when I first really listened to this song, the time that I realized I LIKED this song, was when my mind played scenes from the novel I'm writing. And I knew I wanted to make youtube-like video (even if only in my mind) of my hero in his various sword fights throughout the book.

When I hear the song, It opens with the guitars running rhythm and there are Henri and Cornelius riding along the forest road. They see the brigands and pull up the horses. Then the cross-bow bolts come flying and one thunks into Henri's chest and the horses are shot out under them. The guitars are heavy thrumming now as they stumble, running through the forest. They break through the trees and almost go falling off the cliff (appropriate for the opening lines of the song). Then, Cornelius is clambering down the rocks, helping his wounded cousin, only to be faced with the same men who tried to kill them earlier.

SWORD FIGHT! Oh, yeah!

In the next verse, we skip ahead to when Anna is about ready to be executed for her 'treasonous' crimes against the usurping tyrant. She is bound to the pillory post in the square, trying to speak out before she is gagged. She is about to be killed...then, in rides the mysterious knight (Cornelius!!!) ready to fight trial-by-combat to prove her innocence.

SWORD FIGHT! On horses this time. Awesome!

Then as the bridge comes in (Anakin & Obi-Wan in their last battle in the video), we skip ahead to the big seige of the capital city. Anna and her men have distracted the badguys enough so the townspeople could risk getting the gate open. Cornelius and his men, the Duke and several other knights & lords introduced at the beginning of the story are riding forth across the plain towards the gate with their soldiers running behind them, the colorful banners snapping in the wind. And then, they're in the city, fighting with swords, knives, staves, alongside the townspeople trying to kill or drive off the tyrant and his mercenary henchmen.

Mwa ha ha ha ha!

It's brilliant!  

And it is all in my head...sigh! Back to work. It's so hard waiting for your favorite movie to come out when you are the one that has to write the novel first.

Okay, okay. I'm signing off and getting back to the manuscript.
* sound of nose to the grindstone*


  1. You are amazing, energetic, fun and gifted beyond measure. I am glad to have met you again for the first time. So glad you are in Arkansas!

  2. *smile* It takes one to know one! I have been enjoying getting to know you and all the other wonderful people here in Arkansas.