Sunday, October 9, 2011

Six Haircuts

Why can't my boys be like this when I cut their hair? Now that they are growing up, they have definite opinions about their hair styles. My middle-schooler wanted his hair practically buzzed...??? My 4th grader wanted really long bangs. And my kindergartener wanted a mohawk. Really?

Yes. He did.

I did go shorter for some boys and a little longer on others and I promised they could gel it into spikes sometimes, but nobody got a mohawk, that's for sure. Too conservative for that, baby.

Is it because I'm past 35 that kids seem too trendy in elementary school, or is it because they wear uniforms that hair is the only way to "express themselves"?

I dunno. But when more that two hours had past and I had finished five boys' and one man's haircuts, I wanted a reaction more like Calvin's.

"That's great. Perfect."

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