Monday, January 23, 2012

Billionaire's Curse

I found a wonderful recommendation today, on a favorite writer's blog. I just had to share. The full can be found at:

The middle grade book reviewed is called "The Billionaire's Curse". Just the title piques my interest!

This review is by Deb Marshall:

"Suppose you were a kid who inherited 20 billion dollars. And you inherited a murder mystery and hints of ancient magic and Arthurian Lore to go with it? And suppose you had to go live in England, on an estate in the countryside with two new best friends? Well, I can tell you now the inner twelve year old in me would be pumped! That’s why I loved this book so much, I’m sure. 

Gerald, the hero in Richard Newsome’s THE BILLIONAIRE’S CURSE isn’t what I would call excited about the news of going to England to attend the funeral of an aunt he’s never met, but as everything begins to unfold (the inheritance, the mystery, the friends, a wildly cool housekeeper) he finds himself caught up in the adventure of a lifetime. Sure, there’s some pretty serious danger in that someone wants Gerald and his friends dead, but that just adds to this rip roaring good read that I’d highly recommend you give to fans of The 39 Clues, Anthony Horowitz and Rick Riordin, to name a few. The author is a master of writing fast paced, page turning scenes that will keep you guessing and at times holding your breath. The descriptions of the estate, the British Museum and a myriad of other locations including the coolest bookstore on the planet, will leave you feeling you are right there with Gerald, Ruby and Sam, seeing what they are seeing. Definitely a favorite 2012 read for me. 

In other words go to your nearest bookstore or library and when you are there why not grab book two, THE EMERARLD CASKET. Book three is on it’s way this spring and I’ve got it on good authority that it is the author's best so far!

Don’t forget to check out Richard Newsombe’s Website"

Wow! Doesn't that sound like a great book for that older elementary kid or middle schooler? That's being added to my Goodreads list.

Happy Reading!

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