Monday, January 2, 2012

Middle Grade Reads

One of the writing blogs I follow (Shannon Messenger, has had a Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday for a while now, where she previews/reviews middle grade fiction and gives recommendation. Thought this was cool and wanted to share. (She doesn't have one today because of a headcold that has her by the throat - literally.)

But I thought I would jump on board, since I have been reading a fun (and suspenseful) book with my 8 year old.

It is titled "Janitors" by Tyler Whitesides. It started slower than I hoped. Yet now, we are only halfway through, and I have high expectations. My son squirms at the end of each chapter and pleads for "Just one more..." every time. Yesterday we read a two in the afternoon and three chapters before bed. Then I had to read two more chapters after breakfast.

Lots O' Fun! Wanted to share! Happy Monday!

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