Monday, January 16, 2012

Kiersten Writes: A Night in the Life

I thought this was the funniest "Mommy-moment" I had read in a while. I had to share it....

Oh, but before I do...For those of you who are interested in Middle Grade Monday. I read a great review of a new(ish) middle grade novel entitled "The Apothecary" here: . It sounds like a treat! I'm adding it to my "to-read" shelf at GoodReads.

And without further ado: The Teeth Brushing Incident
(Only remotely funny if you have children who fight over turns or brush their teeth, or both.)
Kiersten Writes: A Night in the Life: Kiersten and Hot Stuff (her husband-I'm assuming), sitting downstairs, though more accurately collapsed on the couch and the floor, respectively. Nayna and Dojo, ups...

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