Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Generosity of Writers

I already wrote last week about writers who are donating their skills to raise money to build wells in Africa through Crits for Water. Here.

But today, I read about a wonderful and different generosity from James A. Owen, author and illustrator of Here There Be Dragons (and other wonderful books!).

He is also a gifted storyteller and popular school/library presenter. In his feedback from school and library staff, wanting a hard copy of all the inspirational stuff he said, he boiled down his presentation into a book, called Drawing Out the Dragons. In it, he tells his story and encourages others to live their dreams despite obstacles. But because there is so much red-tape when it comes to library funding and book buying, it still wasn't getting into as many hands as he had hoped. Even when librarians bought it with their own money, it couldn't be shelved because of regulations. So, he offered that any librarian could email him personally and he would send to them a downloadable copy and the rights to make a limited copies of his book. Can you believe that? There is is more at his website here. He even opened it up for five days back in February so that anyone could get a copy. Wow!

Just another example of his generosity. When a good friend and supporter of his author journey was diagnosed with cancer and was uninsured, he set up a fundraiser. Faith, "The Book Babe" was supported by dozens of authors and people in the publishing business giving away manuscripts and books and book related prizes to raise money so she could "afford" to have cancer. She is now in remission and continues to support authors in many ways. (I won a critique from her six months ago and had such good feedback including a wonderful phone call.)

What an amazing person! What a great group of people!

I am grateful to hear of such wonderful generosity in this world. There is so much out there that is brutal and tragic, but I believe that there is more good out there than there is evil. And if we can do our part and give a little to our family, our friends, our community and beyond, our eyes will be open to the loveliness that surrounds us and we will truly make this world a better place to live.

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