Friday, May 11, 2012

I Will Follow

Today is my one year anniversary of moving to Arkansas. It has been crazy, wonderful, difficult time. We miss our friends, our home, our church, our neighborhood in Virginia. There have been some really big changes in our lives. But there have been so many more Blessings. 
New friends, new home, family nearby, church nearby. Lots of wonderful blessings

Without meaning to pick it, this song came up on the CD player this morning, and it brought back so many memories. This was my theme song last year. I sang it at my going away party. 
I listened to it all winter before Mark got his job here in Arkansas. And I listened to it as he was here and I was in Virginia, getting ready for the move. It became my anthem, my shout of praise and trust, even when I wasn't sure how it was all going to work out.

I found this pretty acoustic version to share today, but the regular radio version by Chris Tomlin is out there and it is the one I know best. Sometimes I would turn up the volume and sing (almost shout) along with the words, convincing myself that I could trust God to lead me, that he had my best interests in mind. 

He did. 

Now I can say (or sing) with even more faith:

Where you go, I'll go.
Where you stay, I'll stay.
When you move, I'll move.
I will follow You.
I will follow You.

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