Wednesday, May 9, 2012

I Believe (In Love)

Oh, I just had the most FUN, FUN, FUN evening with a bunch of my girlfriends! We had a wonderfully informative and uplifting meeting at church (which really was very good). But then we went out for 
Which was fun and delicious as we got to try different flavors and toppings and just laugh and giggle.
Then, we went to the (Late) showing of Mirror, Mirror.
Oh, Wow!
It was so fun!
I laughed...a LOT!
And, as my friend Emily pointed out. It wasn't corny ha-ha jokes. It was witty! It was sweet. It was colorful and imaginative. There were sword fights, and gorgeous dresses, and amazing costumes, and more sword fights, and beautiful sets, and Julia Roberts being mean... I loved it! 

And the Dwarfs! 
Oh, my goodness...I absolutely loved those guys!

Okay, I'll just shut up so that I don't give away any spoilers or make you think it is so wonderful that you are disappointed. But I have to say, Hollywood got it right this time.


Maybe that was because there were so many French people working on this film.


  1. Agreed, Amelia. I also had a great time. and I already bought the closing credits song on iTunes!

  2. Ooo! Good Idea, I'll have to go look for it.